Fred B Mullet Stamps

Perfect for the Twinkling H20 DTR method ( Direct color to Rubber) Fred Mullett stamps are made of high quality shaped wood, premium red rubber and high quality cushion  that will last for years of stamping.

Fred B Mullett  twinkling H20s












Images for Fred B. Mullett Stamps come from making a relief print of objects found in Nature; fish, shells, plants, feathers, etc.. 

Thistle stamp DTR Fred B. Mullett




Styles of nature printing 

are in as many forms

as there are practitioners.

Prints can even be made from flowers,

bark, rocks and cobwebs.




Fred B mullett spider mum      
In fact, leaf prints have been found dating back to the 1300's
          spider mum Fred b mullett purple
Benjamin Franklin even used the plaster cast of a leaf
when printing currency for the new Colonies.  
     spider mum Fred b mullett orange                
Imagine all the possibilities,endless shapes, textures,
and even the forces of Nature.