Extreme Portraits

Extreme Portraits

Session Two Start Date : October 6  -November 14th 2014

Class Description:

Are you looking for ways to build more depth in your portrait painting? Extreme Portraits is the newest portrait class offered by Jodi Ohl that will help you take your portrait work to the next level, even to a cutting edge extreme. In each of the lessons covering a span of six weeks, you will find easy to follow directions and content that is rich in information that you can use not just in your portrait work, but a variety of mixed media applications.

In the fall of 2012 Jodi released Painterly in Pink, an online class which focused heavily on drawing before painting the mixed media stylized portraits and now we are excited to present the much anticipated offering of Extreme Portraits, which takes many of those lessons learned in her first class to a new level of depth and character. The focus on this class will be more on paintings and building up layers through glazing and underpaintings along with some fun extra surprise lessons.

Course Pre-Requisite:

It is highly recommended if you are a beginner to take Jodi’s first portrait class at Arte Village: Painterly in Pink, especially if you’d like to learn more about drawing facial features as Extreme Portraits will review only the basics of drawing faces.

Who Should Take This Class?
This course is open to anyone who loves color, mystery, portrait work, and is open to challenging themselves in creative ways. It will be helpful to take Painterly in Pink if you are a beginner in portrait painting.

What will you learn throughout the course?
Students of Extreme Portraits will learn about using grayscale painting, glazing, and applying mixed media applications into their portrait work through a variety of exercises that will build up to our main projects, a portrait in color and a self-portrait using your own photography and image transfer techniques as an extra bonus.

How will this class be structured?
Each Monday over the course of 6 weeks, students will have a new lesson plan uploaded on our Arte Village website that will build up their knowledge of the process involved around creating Extreme portraits. Our forum and community sharing will be held in a private Facebook group, for students only of Extreme portraits. Jodi will be there to engage with the students during the course of the first 6 weeks, as well as thereafter for any self-study students’ who join in at a later date. All questions are normally answered within 24 hours, Monday-Friday, unless there is an extenuating circumstance (travel, vacation, or personal obligations).
All students will have access to class materials and videos for 12 months from the date they sign up or 12 months from the class opening, whichever is longer. Please note, after the 12 months has expired, one would have to re-sign up for the class to enjoy continued access.

What Supplies Will We Be Using?
The specific supply list will be available after the class is purchased, but here are some of the basic tools/supplies you will need:

Water Color Paper
2-3 canvases (small and medium sized)
Assorted acrylic paints-white, black, and 4-5 other colors
Paint brushes
Gel medium
Silks Acrylics
Charcoal or black marks all pencil, white pastel or charcoal
Gel pens
Pencils, Erasers, Drawing Paper
Mark making tools

*All students that sign up for this course or any of our other workshop offerings will also receive an extra bonus coupon for $30 dollars, which can be redeemed in our shop at Colourarte.

To order your class:
Please create and account on www.colourarte.com
log into your account then purchase class
“this will assign your coupon code to the email address you used to register”

Technical Skills/Equipment needs:
Students should have access to high speed internet to view the videos and basic computer skills necessary to join the blog/forum. It is recommended that students should view the videos on Google Chrome or Firefox. Please take a moment to review our FAQ for more technical information.

When does the class begin:

Extreme Portraits “Session Two” is now live. we encourage you to join ” Extreme Portraits ” Students only” Facebook Page. This is the place to share your progress with Jodi and other students in your class.  “Session One” students are very active and  very helpful.

The beauty of session two is you can work at your own pace.Access to the class will remain open for 12 months form your date of purchase.

What is the cost for this workshop?
This workshop will be $85.00 and include a coupon for $30.00 worth of product. For less than .25 cents a day you can have access to all of our material and personal attention from our instructor for an entire year!

$85.00 - Purchase this Course

Upon purchasing this class, please proceed and review the course supply list.

Course Lessons:

Welcome to Extreme Portraits !

Week 1: Welcome To Extreme Portraits!

Week 1: Lesson 1 Warming up with Grayscale

Week 1: Lesson 2 Grayscale Face

Week 2: Lesson 1 Glazing and Washing

Week 2: Lesson 2 Loose Sketches With Character

Week 3: Lesson 1 Exploring Backgrounds

Week 3: Lesson 2 Background Enhancement

Week 3: Lesson 3 Beginning The Portrait

Week 4: Recap and Inspiration

Week 4: Lesson 1 Working the Portrait

Week 4: Lesson 2 Refinements and Adjustments.

Week 4: Lesson 3 Final discussion and Take Aways for the Week

Week 5 Lesson 1: Final Details

Week 5: Lesson 2 Timed Portrait

Week 6: Lesson 1 "Selfie Portrait"

Extreme Portraits Bonus Lesson!