Bling it Moon Rocks Contest Results 

Popular Vote Grand Prize  Stephanie Wendi Ocean Grotto $500 (gift card) 

Juried Grand Prize  Beverly Aten, Butterfly Moon  Aten $ 500 (gift card)

Juried First Place Nancy Watson, Mystic Mermaid  $250(gift card)

Juried Second Place Saskia Smit,  Phantasea Saskia Smit $125.00 (gift card)

Juried Third Place Lisa Wyatt, Freya the Gatekeeper,$75.00(gift card)

We are very appreciative of the amazing global support received from ColourArte fans and You Tube Artists. It is such a joy to witness the creativity of artists who participated. ColourArte wishes to express our gratitude, we couldn’t have done it without YOU !


Videos by YouTube Artists who generously shared their artistic process 

Contest Review 20 + projecrs  Leslie Ohnstad Arte of Light and Color 

Freya by Lisa Wyatt Arte

Phantasea by Saskia Smit 

Shattered Coasters by Kim’s Creations

Grotto Geode by Petra Jongbloed

Sunset Mosaic by  Kreative Escapades

Tree of Hope by Tammy Anderson

Tree and Moon by Display Of Color

Bling It by Artist till Death 

Erika the Mermaid #1 Collab by Clara Lawrence 

Erika -Mermaid # 2 texture by Clara and Erika 

Mermaid Tail by Diane Koss