.12 Color set 2017 release Vivid Metallic 4 oz, List Price 179.88


August 2017 12 NEW Colors Vivid Ultra Metallic  4oz Bottles.

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Set includes:

Guatemalan Green: Luminous green-teal in a green-blue pearl

Burnt Umber: Smokey brown in a copper-bronze pearl

Peaceful Poppy: Warm red in golden red -pearl

Stargazer: Lustrous blue-violet in a green pearl

Deep Mallard: Vivid green with blue in a green pearl

Mango Freeze: Canary yellow-orange in a red pearl

Moss Green:Earthy green-yellow in green pearl

Mandarin Blush: orange-coral in a red pearl

Mystic Blue: Deep blue-green in blue pearl with glints of lilac

Ginger Flower: Hot-red-violet in a lilac pearl

Blue Flame: Rich blue with in a violet-blue pearl

Royal Orchid: Warm Violet in violet-pearl

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions5.25 × 4 × 6 in


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