• Evening Bouquet, Set of 24 Twinkling H20s, 5ml Jars

Evening Bouquet, Set of 24 Twinkling H20s, 5ml Jars

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Set of 24 Twinkling H20 Mica Watercolors. Each Mini Jar is 5ml. Click on the name of the set to see the colors in the set.

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Product Description

Apple Blossom :Baby Pink with Lilac-Red Shimmer.

Dutch Iris : Pale Iris Blue with a tinge of Lilac & Blue-Oyster finish.

Pink Grapefruit : Soft Pink-Coral with Gold & Red Shimmer.

Kiwi : Bright Green tinge of Yellow with Green Shimmer.

Lemondrop : Vibrant Yellow in Green Shimmer.

Passion Fruit : Warm Violet in Lilac Shimmer.

Ginger Flower : Bright Red-Violet with Lilac Shimmer.

Pewter : Gray-Silver in Pearl base.

Wild Blueberry : Pale Blueberry-Blue in Blue Pearl Shimmer.

Guatemalan Green : Luminous Green-Teal with Green-Blue Shimmer.

Honey Amber : Warm Gold with Green-Red Shimmer & Bronze Glints.

French Lilac : Delicate cool Lavender with a Blue-Violet Shimmer.

Fuzzy Peach : Medium Peach-Coral with Red-Violet Shimmer.

Stargazer : Lustrous Blue-Violet with Green Shimmer.

Black Orchid : Antique Red-Mauve with a Violet-Red Shimmer.

Wisteria : Light Lavender in Green Pearl.

Bolivian Blue : Medium Blue with Green-Blue finish.

Jasper Red : Brick Red with Bronze-Copper Shimmer.

Nutmeg : Spicy Brown-Red in Merlot-Copper Shimmer with Gold Glints.

Caribbean Mist : Medium Blue with a tinge of Green with Blue-Green finish.

Evening Primrose : Cool Blue-Violet in Blue-Violet Shimmer.

Fresh Oregano : Medium woodsy-Green with Oyster-Green finish.

Razzleberry : Lilac-Red in Red-Violet base with Glints of Merlot.

Coral Berry : Luscious Coral with tint of Pink & Lilac Shimmer.

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Dimensions5.5 x 1 x 4.5 in


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A color library of over 200 colors that incorporate a proprietary blend of mica and other minerals that transmit refractive light and color, similar to light rays in a crystal. Other pearl watercolors use less expensive grade pigment and mica, their colors produce a dull outcome when mixed and blended because their paint absorbs light. The sparkle and shimmer of Twinkling H2O’s add depth and dimension, even when used in washes. Realistic images (birds, fish, water, flowers) come alive. The paints are appropriate for all styles.