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“FireFly” Primary Elements – PolyPour – 12 Color Set (1) 8oz Bottle – 25 Scoops






Directions: Create brilliant iridescent paint Mix: 1oz PolyPour with 1/8-1/4 tsp PE “Primary Elements Arte Pigments” PolyPour may also be used for brush painting or glazing effects. Best adhesion is a clean dry non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in Cool dry place.

Color Description:

Daffodil, Light Yellow in Golden Shimmer

Desert Clay: Autumn Brown Red with Copper and Red Glints

Ruby Red Cool Red In Red Pearl Pale Teal-Blue in Lilac-Pearl Shimmer

Midori Melon Brilliant Green with a Tint of Yellow in Green Shimmer.

Black Orchid Antique Red-Mauve with a Violet-Red Shimmer

Northern Lights Pale Teal-Blue in Lilac-Pearl Shimmer

Sweet Thistle Medium Blue-Violet in Lilac-Blue Shimmer

Sea Glass Icy Sea Glass Green in White Pearl

Azurite  Antique Blue-Black with Blue Shimmer

Carribean Mist Antique Blue-Black with Blue Shimmer

Pink Anthurium  Warm Pink-Violet in Lilac Shimmer

Douglas Fir Bright Tree Green in Green Shimmer with Glints of Blue

(1) 8oz Bottle POLY POUR Acrylic Polymer Blend

(25) Plastic Measuring scoops



Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 3 in

Primary Elements Arte-Pigments gives YOU the control when mixing paint colors

For over 16 years we have been blending 100% pure ground color and proprietary minerals. Our 220+ colors are far from the mass-produced colors found in a typical craft store. You will find that our unmatched luminosity and depth of color make Primary Elements less like paint and more like ARTE.

Arte-Pigment Basics

Primary Elements Arte-Pigments are compatible with binders that clean up with soap and water.
TIP: Colors are VERY Pigmented, mix small amounts of Arte-Pigments “a little at a time “You can always add more but you cannot remove if too much is used.
Compatible: Acrylic Mediums, Acrylic Glazes, Acrylic Gels, Gum binder and water based polyurethane.
NOT compatible: Arte-Pigments will resist solvent-based materials such as Nail Polish, Oil Paint and Alcohol inks
Arte-Pigments Colors are at their highest brilliance when mixed with clear or “colorless” binders. When Arte-Pigments are mixed in white based gesso, pastes or other white based paint (titanium dioxide) the brilliance of color is diminished.
TIP: Reason White is ALL color, therefore has a subtractive effect on all color thus muting the brilliance of color and light waves.
Getting started: Cover and protect your work surface and work in a well-ventilated area. When mixing large batches protect eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne particles.

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