“GlassWing Butterfly”, 15ml Jars, 12pc. “BLING IT” Pure Mica for Epoxy & Acrylic Projects


Glass Wing Butterfly Colors:  Rain, Aurora, Angel Wings, Luna, Meadow, Byzantine, Chalcedony,Indigo, GlassWing, Isadora, Parisian Lily, and Oasis
Set includes 12 Bling It 15 ml jars,  (1) pack of 5 mixing paddle 24 scoops
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Glasswing Butterfly Bling It Pure Mica 12 piece set

Inspired by the rare species of butterfly from Peru the Glasswing Butterfly (pic attached )
Has iridescent transparent wings
This is the First set Colourarte has released in the
Bling It Pure Mica Category —-which is compatible with resin and acrylic bases
Glasswing Set includes
12 Bling It colors
(1) pack of 5 mixing paddle
24 scoops
Glass Wing Butterfly Colors:
Rain – black pearl green
Aurora – black pearl red
Angel Wings – black pearl blue
Luna – black pearl violet
Meadow – green
Byzantine -blue
Indigo – deep blue-violet
GlassWing – peach gold
Isadora- yellow diamond
Parisian Lily -pink -blue shift
Oasis – sparkling turquoise


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Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 6 in
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