.”Harvest Sol” Primary Elements-PolyPour-12 Color Set-8 oz bottle PolyPour-25 scoops


Limited Edition Color Available until 12/1/19  Colors: Autumn Skies, Harvest Sol, Watermelon Mist, Mallard, Spanish Moss, Vavoom Red, Luv-U-Pink, Meridian Blue, Irish Petal, Dragon Fire, Passion Fruit, Mandarin Blush.



“Harvest Sol ”

Directions: Create brilliant iridescent paint Mix: 1oz PolyPour with 1/8-1/4 tsp PE “Primary Elements Arte Pigments” PolyPour may also be used for brush painting or glazing effects. Best adhesion is a clean dry non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in Cool dry place.

Color Description:

Autumn Skies: Medium Sky Blue with Blue-Oyster Sheen

Harvest Sol: Autumn Orange-Red with Lilac and Red Shimmer

Vavoom Red Cool Red-Lilac with a Violet Pearl Shimmer with bits of colorful crystals

Mallard Vivid Green with Blue Undertone and Green Shimmer

Spanish Moss: Sparkling Moss Green with yellow undertone in  Green Pearl

Watermelon Mist: Fresh-cut Watermelon Pink-Coral with Red-Lilac Pearl

Meridian Blue Antique Blue-Teal in Blue Shimmer

Luv-U-Pink Glittery Violet-Pink in multicolored Sparkling base

Dragon Fire Deep Cobalt Blue in Red Violet Pearl

Iris Petal: Pale Blue Violet with Blue Shimmer

Mandarin Blush-Mandarin Orange-Coral in Red Pearl

Passion Fruit: Warm Violet in Lilac Shimmer

(1) 8oz Bottle POLY POUR Acrylic Polymer Blend

(25) Plastic Measuring scoops



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in

Primary Elements Arte-Pigments gives YOU the control when mixing paint colors

For over 16 years we have been blending 100% pure ground color and proprietary minerals. Our 220+ colors are far from the mass-produced colors found in a typical craft store. You will find that our unmatched luminosity and depth of color make Primary Elements less like paint and more like ARTE.

Arte-Pigment Basics

Primary Elements Arte-Pigments are compatible with binders that clean up with soap and water.
TIP: Colors are VERY Pigmented, mix small amounts of Arte-Pigments “a little at a time “You can always add more but you cannot remove if too much is used.
Compatible: Acrylic Mediums, Acrylic Glazes, Acrylic Gels, Gum binder and water based polyurethane.
NOT compatible: Arte-Pigments will resist solvent-based materials such as Nail Polish, Oil Paint and Alcohol inks
Arte-Pigments Colors are at their highest brilliance when mixed with clear or “colorless” binders. When Arte-Pigments are mixed in white based gesso, pastes or other white based paint (titanium dioxide) the brilliance of color is diminished.
TIP: Reason White is ALL color, therefore has a subtractive effect on all color thus muting the brilliance of color and light waves.
Getting started: Cover and protect your work surface and work in a well-ventilated area. When mixing large batches protect eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne particles.