Ancient Earth, Primary Elements Arte-Pigments, 30ml Jars, 6pc Set Save 10% off retail


Ancient Earth colors: Payne’s Gray, Candied Yams, Peacock Feather, Warm Sienna, Pink Yarrow, Copper Pearl.



Payne’s Gray: Dark Prussian Blue – Gray-lightens to – Brown-Blue-Gray.

Candied Yams: Quinacridone Golden Orange Brown – lightens to Buttery Golden color.

Peacock Feather: Our Deep Phthalo Green – lightens to various shades of Teal.

Warm Sienna: Our Raw Sienna – Earthy Brownish Red-more visible as it lightens.

Pink Yarrow: Warm Pink Madder – named after the mysterious Pink Yarrow plant.

Gold Pearl: Interference Gold (Gold) lighten value or use as an accent.

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