“Ancient Earth” Twinkling h20s 9-PC set

Payne’s Gray: Dark Prussian Blue- Gray-lightens to –brown-blue- gray.

Candied Yams: Quinacridone Golden orange brown -lightens to buttery golden color

Peacock Feather: Our Deep Phthalo Green- lightens to various shades of teal

Warm Sienna: Our Raw Sienna-earthy brownish red — more visible as it lightens.

Pink Yarrow: Warm Pink Madder- named after the mysterious Pink Yarrow Plant

Orange Pearl: Interference Orange (reddish-gold) lighten value or use as accent.

Green Pearl: Interference Green mix in colors to lighten value or as accent.

Violet Pearl: Interference Violet mix in colors to lighten or as accent.

Oyster Pearl: Translucent Pearl all-purpose mixer adds in colors to lighten without adding White.