Primary Elements-Arte Pigment 4 piece 30ml set -Day-5 (Video) Fluid Art by Leslie Ohnstad Save 10% off retail


Ginger Flower, Stargazer, Ginger Peach and Solar Gold

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Primary Elements Arte-Pigments (PE) are Translucent hand milled custom crafted colors (over 200 ) mixed with mica and other minerals. Primary Elements are sold as a dry paint pigment.


They dissolve in any WATER soluble medium (cleans up with soap and water) PE’s mix easily in Acrylic mediums or gels-Varnish-Poly urethane gum binders –etc. In the Video the PE Arte-pigments were mixed in the Vivid Clear Acrylic Enamel- available at  All ColourArte products are hand mixed and poured in USA

Mixing Recipe: Use ¼- 1/2 tsp mix in ½-1 oz. media (Vivid Clear enamel ) OR 1oz of any CLEAR drying acrylic medium – avoid Matt as it has a chemical in there to cause it to dry matte which will inhibit the refractive light play
ALSO USED: Also used Black and Green Artist Loft Flow Paint (32 oz. bottle Michael’s brand) No Pouring medium

SILICONE: used in all colors BUT the black WD 40 Specialist Water Resistance silicone

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