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.Silks Acrylic Glaze Set, 1 oz jars, FULL set 96 Color List price 700.80 save 25%

$700.80 $455.00

Set of Silk Acrylic Glazes! 96 Colors! 1 oz Jars. Over $700 if purchased separately.

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Product Description

Set includes:
African Jade : Delicate Green-Blue with Green Shimmer.
Apricot Nectar : Soft Orange-Yellow in Red-Golden Shimmer.
Black Ice : Black with Green, Blue, Red, Violet, & Gold Crystals.
Blue Flame : Intense Blue with tinge of Violet & Blue Shimmer.
Bolivian Blue : Smokey Teal in Green-Blue Finish.
Boysenberry : Rich Violet with Brilliant Blue Shimmer.
Carmen : Dazzling Red with Red Shimmer and Red Glints.
Celadon : Pale Melon Green in Green Shimmer.
Cinnamon Brown : Rich Red-Brown with Copper Glints.
Coral Berry : Luscious Coral with tint of Pink & Lilac Shimmer.
Emerald : Glittery Emerald Green in a Green Pearl with Green Crystals.
Emperor’s Gold : Royal Antique-Gold with Gold Shimmer.
Evening Primrose : Cool Blue-Violet in Blue-Violet Shimmer.
Fern : Relaxing medium Green with Green Shimmer.
Fire Opal : Metallic-Red, Copper with Dazzling Crystals.
Forest Green : Deep Evergreen with Shimmering Green Finish.
French Lilac : Medium Lavender in a Violet–Blue- Pearl.
Fuzzy Peach : Medium Coral-Peach with Red-Violet Shimmer.
Ginger Flower : Rich Violet-Red with Lilac Shimmer.
Ginger Peach : Burnt Yellow-Orange with Gold-Copper Shimmer.
Guatemalan Green : Luminous Green-Teal with Green-Blue Shimmer.
Harvest Sol : Autumn Burnt Orange–Red with Lilac Shimmer Red Glints.
Honey Amber : Warm Golden with Green-Red Shimmer & Bronze Glints.
Ice : Clear Glaze with Dazzling Sparkle of Blue, Green, Violet, Red, Copper, Gold & Turquoise.
Iris Petal : Pale Blue-Violet with Blue Shimmer.
Jasmine : Hot Magenta-Violet in Violet-Red Pearl.
Key Lime : Bright Chartreuse with Green & Gold Shimmer.
Love Struck : Deep Blood Red with Subtle Red Glints.
Majestic Blue : Vibrant Blue in Violet-Blue Shimmer.
Mallard Green : Vivid Green with Blue undertone & Green Shimmer.
Mediterranean Blue : Light Sky Blue in a Green-Blue Pearl.
Moonbeams : Icy Blue, hint of Violet in Blue-Green Pearl with Violet-Turquoise Crystals.
Nutmeg : Spicy Brown-Red with Gold & Copper Shimmer.
Ocean Wave : Medium Cyan Blue in Brilliant Blue Shimmer.
Olive Vine : Earthy Green-Brown with Gold-Red & Bronze Glints.
Oyster : Mix to lighten shades of colors with Iridescent Shimmer.
Periwinkle : Pale Blue Violet with Blue Violet Shimmer.
Pink Anthurium : Deep Coral Pink-Violet in Lilac Shimmer.
Pink Azalea : Shimmering Pink with Violet–Red Pearl.
Pink Grapefruit : Soft Pink-Coral with Gold & Red Shimmer.
Pixie Pink : Delicate Pink in Red-Lilac-Crystals.
Plumeria : Brilliant Pink in Violet Shimmer.
Pomegranate.: Antique Red-Violet in Red-Pearl.
Pretty Peridot : Chartreuse Green with Green-Golden Shimmer.
Raspberry Wine : Glittery Red-Violet in Violet Pearl with Red-Lilac Crystal.
Rich Cobalt : Deep Cobalt Blue in Blue Shimmer with Glints of Violet.
Sapphire On Ice : Brilliant Sapphire Blue in Violet-Pearl Shimmer.
Silver Bells : Rich Metallic Silver.
Sky Blue : Lovely Blue with Blue Shimmer.
Snap Dragon : Regal Violet with Lilac Pearl.
Solar Gold : Bright Gold with Rich Golden Pearls.
Spiced Pumpkin : Antique Red-Orange with Gold Glints.
Spicy Tomato : Hot Orange-Red with a Red-Gold Shimmer.
Stargazer : Lustrous Blue-Violet with Green Shimmer.
Sunburst : Brilliant high Yellow with Golden Shimmer.
Sunflower : Golden-Yellow with Antique Gold Glints.
Teal Zircon : Bright Blue-Green in Turquoise Pearl.
Vavoom Red : Cool Ruby-Violet Red in Lilac Shimmer.
Watermelon Mist : Fresh cut Watermelon Pink with Red & Lilac Pearl.
Yellow Rose : Medium Canary Yellow in Red-Gold Shimmer.
Chestnut Brown : Warm Brown with Gold & Copper Glints.
Azurite : Antique Blue-Black with Blue Shimmer.
Persimmon : Bright Orange-Red in Antique Golden Shimmer.
Golden Monarch : Pale Golden Beige with Red Shimmer.
Moss Green : Soft Earthy Green with Bright Green Shimmer.
Wine & Roses : Deep Red-Wine in Red Lilac Pearl.

Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions5 x 10 x 4.75 in


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What makes Silks so special?
It’s the secret mix of mica and other proprietary mineral particles that refract light, like a crystal.

How do Silks work?
Silks are easy to use paints that create a semi-gloss glaze – not too shiny, not too flat, but just right.
Simply brush Silks onto your project, using a wide brush for broad strokes or a fine brush for details. Or use a brayer if you want even wider swaths of color.
Allow Silks to dry between colors to keep the glaze layers distinct and create depth, or blend the colors while still wet if you prefer that effect.

What surfaces are suitable for Silks?
It’s a long list. Silks are formulated for paper, wood, pre-washed fabrics, papier mache, acrylic and other plastics, canvas, gourds, silk and silk ribbon, terra cotta, paper-clay, air-dry clay, air-dry polymer, leather, faux leather, and more.