Product Description

Bronze Collection:  42 colors PLUS Six NEW Colors (still in the works) designed for Go Fund ME

Black Cherry: Deep Cherry in Merlot-Red Shimmer.Hot Cinnamon: Fire Engine Red in Red Pearl.Oyster: Translucent Pearl all-purpose mixer in colors to lighten without adding White.
Blue Flame:Intense blue with tinge of violet-blue shimmerIcicles: Bright white-pearl with a pinch of opalescence glitterPassion:Red-lilac in blue violet shimmer
Blue Grass: Medium Blue-Green in Green-Blue Shimmer.Interference Blue: Sheer pearl blue mix in colors to lighten or use alone as accentPeriwinkle: Pale Blue-Violet with Blue-Violet Shimmer.
Blue Ice: Tint of Cool Blue in Sugar-White Shimmer.Interference Green: Sheer Green Pearl mix in colors to lighten or use alone as accent.Persimmon: Bright Orange-Red in Antique Gold Shimmer.
Bougainvillea: Red-Violet with Blue-Lilac Glints.Interference Violet: Sheer violet pearl mix in colors to lighten or use alone as accentPink Azalea: Shimmering Pink in Violet Red-Pearl.
Copper Penny:Copper-orange with antique gold-bronze glintsIrish Mist:Bright kelly green with green shimmerPlayful Peony: Pink-Coral in Lilac Shimmer.
Cranberry:Red-violet merlot violet-red shimmerJasmine: Hot pink in violet-red shimmerRuby Red:Cool red in garnet- red pearl
Douglas Fir: Bright Tree Green in Green Shimmer Glints of Blue.Key Lime: Brilliant Lime with Green & Gold Shimmer.Sky Blue: Lovely Blue with Blue Shimmer.
Egyptian Gold: Rich Antique-Gold with Gold Shimmer.Majestic Blue:Vibrant blue in blue-violet powderSnap Dragon:Regal violet with lilac pearl
Fern:Relaxing medium green with green shimmerMoss Green: Earthy Green in Green Shimmer.Solar Gold:Bright royal gold with rich gold pearl
Forest Green: Dark evergreen with green pearl shimmerMustard Green: Yellow-olive in green-gold shimmerSunburst:Brilliant high yellow with gold shimmer
Garnet:Red-merlot with mauve-red shimmerMystic Blue: Deep blue-green in blue pearl with glints of lilacSunflower: Golden-Yellow with Antique Gold Glints.
Gold Dust:Deep yellow with glints of antique goldOcean Wave: Medium Cyan Blue in Blue Shimmer.Sweet Lavender: Pale lavender in blue-violet pearl
Golden Opal: Golden-Bronze with a pinch of Opalescent Glitter.Orange Peel: Bright Orange in Gold-Red Shimmer.Yellow Rose: Medium Canary Yellow in Red-Gold Shimmer.