.Twinkling H20-#1 Platinum LVL-12 PC Full Pans sets-(18 Metal tins -216 Color collection) List Price $1134


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Platinum reward: Entire 210 Color Library “PLUS Six NEW Colors” designed for Go Fund ME

African Jade: Pale Green-Blue with Green Shimmer.Golden Bamboo: Blackened Yellow with a tinge of Green & Red-Gold Shimmer.Periwinkle: Pale Blue-Violet with Blue-Violet Shimmer.
Almond Beige: Warm Peach skin tone Oyster-Bronze Shimmer.Golden Jade: Deep Jade Green with Golden-Bronze Shimmer.Persimmon: Bright Orange-Red in Antique Gold Shimmer.
Amber Bronze: Warm Beige skin tone with Bronze Glints.Golden Monarch: Creamy Beige-Brown with Red Shimmer.Pewter: Gray-Silver in Pearl base.
Ancient Coin: Inspired by Rare Indian Gold Dynastic Coin.Golden Nugget: Glittery Gold with Green-Red-Copper-Gold Crystals.Pink Anthurium: Warm Pink-Violet in Lilac Shimmer.
Apple Blossom: Baby Pink with Lilac-Red Shimmer.Golden Opal: Golden-Bronze with a pinch of Opalescent Glitter.Pink Azalea: Shimmering Pink in Violet Red-Pearl.
Apricot Nectar: Soft Orange-Yellow in Red-Golden Shimmer.Golden Sand: Golden skin tone with a warm Oyster-Red finish.Pink Cloud: Delicate Blush Pink skin-tone in Oyster-Pearl.
Autumn Butternut: Dark Caramel with Red-Gold Glints.Good News Green: Glittery Blue-Green in Turquoise-Green Crystal. “Breast Cancer Awareness”Pink Crocus: Medium Pink Lilac in Oyster-Pearl.
Autumn Leaf: Sun kissed Autumn Brown in Red, Gold & Copper.Green Tea: Earthy Green with Green-Gold Shimmer.Pink Grapefruit: Soft Pink-Coral with Gold & Red Shimmer.
Autumn Skies : Medium Sky Blue with Blue-Oyster Sheen.Guatemalan Green: Luminous Green-Teal with Green-Blue Shimmer.Playful Peony : Pink-Coral in Lilac Shimmer.
Azurite : Antique Blue-Black with Blue Shimmer.Harvest Sol : Autumn Orange Red with Lilac Shimmer & Red Glints.Plum Blossom : Tint of warm Lilac in Sugar-White Shimmer.
Baby’s Breath: Light Pink Pearl in semi-opaque White gouache for all over washes.Heavenly Bamboo: Blackened Olive-Green with Red-Green Shimmer.Plum Crazy: Rich antique violet in violet-blue shimmer
Bashful Blue: Tint of Blue in Sugar-White Shimmer.Heavenly White: Bright White-Pearl with White Shimmer.Plumeria: Bright Pink in Violet Shimmer.
Beach House Blue: Shimmering Blue-Gray weathered by a storm.Honey Amber: Warm Golden Green-Red Shimmer with Bronze Glints.Pomegranate: Deep antique red in red-pearl
Black Cherry: Deep Cherry in Merlot-Red Shimmer.Hopeful Honeysuckle: Glittery Peachy-Pink in Red-Lilac Crystal “Breast Cancer Awareness”Poppy Red: Warm Red in Gold Pearl.
Black Emerald : Antique Green Black with Green finish.Hot Cinnamon : Fire engine Red in Red Pearl.Pretty Peridot : Chartreuse Green with Green and Golden Shimmer.
Black Orchid : Antique Red-Mauve with a Violet-Red Shimmer.Hunter Gray : Dark Grey-Black with Oyster-Pearl finish.Purple Sage : Antique Red-Lilac in Violet-Pearl.
Blue Bayou: Deep Water Blue in a Brilliant Blue Pearl.Ice: Glittery clear-glaze with Red-Copper-Lilac-Green Crystals.Rain Forest: Antique everglade-green in green and gold shimmer
Blue Flame: Intense Blue with a tinge of Violet-Blue Shimmer.Icicles: Bright White-Pearl with a pinch of Opalescence Glitter.Raspberry Wine: Glittery Red-Violet in Violet Pearl with Red-Lilac Crystal.
Blue Grass : Medium Blue-Green in Green-Blue Shimmer.Icy Iris : Tint of cool Lilac in Sugar-White Shimmer.Razzleberry : Lilac-Red in Red-Violet base with Glints of Merlot.
Blue Ice : Tint of cool Blue in Sugar White Shimmer.Indian Copper : Metallic Copper perfect for accents or mixing.Rich Cobalt : Deep Blue in Blue Shimmer with Glints of Violet.
Blue Zircon: Medium Blue-Teal with Violet finish.Interference Blue: Sheer Pearl Blue mix in Colors to lighten or use alone as an accent.Rich Cocoa: Medium Cocoa skin tone in Oyster-Pearl.
Blushing Caramel: Warm Caramel skin tone Oyster finish.Interference Gold: Sheer Gold Pearl mix in colors to lighten or use alone as an accent.Rose Gold: Pink-Antique Gold in Red-Pearl.
Blushing Rose: Medium pink-red in violet shimmer with gold glintsInterference Green: Sheer Green Pearl mix in colors to lighten or use alone as an accent.Rose Petal: Tint of Rose-Pink skin tone-Blush in Oyster-Pearl.
Bolivian Blue: Medium Blue with a Green-Blue finish.Interference Red: Sheer Pearl Red mix in colors to lighten or use alone as an accent.Royal Orchid: Medium lilac in red-violet pearl
Bougainvillea: Red-Violet with Blue-Lilac Glints.Interference Violet: Sheer Violet Pearl mix in colors to lighten or use alone as an accent.Royal Satin: Medium Purple in Violet-Pearl Shimmer.
Boysenberry : Rich Violet Brilliant Blue Shimmer.Iris Petal : Pale Blue-Violet with Blue Shimmer.Rubilite : Red-Black in Red-Violet Pearl.
Bronze Medallion : Bronze Metallic perfect for accents or mixing.Irish Mist : Bright Kelly Green with Green Shimmer.Ruby Red : Cool Red in Garnet-Red Pearl.
Burnt Umber : Medium Brown Copper-Bronze Glints.Jasmine : Hot Pink in Violet-Red Shimmer.Rusted Bloom : Antique Rose Gold with glints of Rusty Reds.
Buttercup : Tint of Yellow in Sugar-White Shimmer.Jasper Red : Brick Red with Bronze-Copper Shimmer.Sage : Tint of Silver-Green in White-Pearl base.
Caribbean Mist : Medium Blue with a tinge of Green with Blue-Green finish.Just Peachy : Warm Peach in Violet Shimmer.Sand Dollar : Delicate warm bisque-skin tone in Oyster-Pearl.
Cedar Wood: Dark Cherry Brown with Copper Glints.Key Lime: Brilliant Lime with Green & Gold Shimmer.Sapphire On Ice: Brilliant sapphire blue in violet-pearl base
Celadon: Light Melon Green with Green Shimmer.Kiwi : Bright Green tinge of Yellow with Green Shimmer.Scarab Beetle : Chameleon Color Brown-Green Metallic.
Celestial Sun : Bright Yellow in Green-Blue Shimmer.Lemon drop : Vibrant Yellow in Green Shimmer.Sea Glass : Icy Sea Glass-Green in White-Pearl Shimmer.
Cherry Sorbet : Tint of Pink in Sugar-White Shimmer.Lemongrass: Yellow-green in gold-green shimmerSea Spray : Tint of Pale Blue-Green in Blue-Pearl.
Chestnut Brown: Warm Brown with Gold & Copper Glints.Lime Squeeze: Pale Lime in Green Shimmer.Siam White: Pure opaque-semi opaque flat-White no Shimmer.
Chiffon Pink : Pinky-Peach tint in Sugar-White Shimmer.Love Struck : Deep Blood Red with Subtle Red Glints.Sky Blue : Lovely Blue with Blue Shimmer.
China Black : Opaque-semi-opaque flat Black no Shimmer.Lucky Apple : Glittery bitter Apple Green-Yellow in Green Crystal. “Breast Cancer Awareness”Smokey Diamond : Gray-Black with a Brilliant Rainbow Crystalline Shimmer.
Cinnamon Brown : Rich Red-Brown with Copper Glints.Luv-U-Pink : Glittery Violet, Pink in Red, Copper, Lilac & Green Crystals. “Breast Cancer Awareness”Snap Dragon: Regal Violet with Lilac Pearl.
Cinnamon Stick : Deep Mocha skin tone Oyster-Bronze finish.Majestic Blue : Vibrant Blue in Blue-Violet powder.Solar Gold : Bright Royal Gold with rich Gold Pearl.
Cool Water : Light Ocean Blue with Blue Glints.Mallard Green : Vivid Green with Blue undertone & Green Shimmer.Spanish Moss : Glittery Moss Green with Green Pearl & Green Crystals.
Copper Penny : Copper-Orange with Antique Gold-Bronze Glints.Mandarin Blush : Mandarin Orange-Coral in Red Shimmer.Spiced Pumpkin : Antique Red-Orange with Gold Glints.
Coral Berry : Luscious Coral with tint of Pink & Lilac Shimmer.Mandarin Citrine : Citrine Yellow in Red Shimmer.Stargazer : Lustrous Blue-Violet with Green Shimmer.
Courageous Rose : Glittery Pink-Violet in Red-Lilac Crystal. “Breast Cancer Awareness”Mango Freeze : Pale Canary Yellow in Red Shimmer.Sugar Plum : Glittery Lilac tinge of Blue in Violet Shimmer with Turquoise-Violet Crystal.
Cranberry : Red-Violet Merlot Violet-Red Shimmer.Mango Mamba: Mango yellow tinge of orange with a gold-red shimmerSummer Breeze : Tint of Blue-Green in Sugar-White Shimmer.
Daffodil : Light Yellow in Gold Shimmer.Mediterranean Blue: Light sky blue in a green-blue shimmerSunburst : Brilliant high Yellow with Gold Shimmer.
Deep Coral: Rich peachy orange in red-violet base with gold glintsMeridian Blue : Antique Blue-Black in Blue Shimmer.Sunflower : Golden-Yellow with Antique Gold Glints.
Desert Clay: Autumn Brown-Red with Copper & Red Glints.Midori Melon: Brilliant Green tinge of Yellow in Green Shimmer.Sunset Glow: Semi-opaque warm coral in red-violet shimmer
Douglas Fir: Bright tree Green in Green Shimmer Glints of Blue.Mint Julep: Creamy Mint Pearl in semi-opaque white gouache for all over washesSweet alfalfa: Fresh cut Alfalfa Green in Green-Red Pearl.
Dragonfire : Deep Cobalt Blue in Violet Shimmer.Mocha Rose : Sheer Coffee-Rose skin tone in Oyster-Pearl.Sweet Lavender : Pale Lavender in Blue-Violet Pearl.
Dragonfly Wing : Honey-Brown in Green Shimmer with Bronze & Gold Glints.Moonbeams : Glittery Ice Blue in Blue-Green Pearl with Violet-Turquoise Crystals.Sweet Thistle: Tinge of blue-violet in lilac-blue shimmer
Dreams Bloom : Pink-Peach in Red-Violet Pearl Glints of White & Red. “Breast Cancer Awareness”Moss Agate: Medium green in green-violet shimmerTahitian Blue: Semi-opaque tropical blue in oyster-blue pearl
Dreamsicle: Peaches and cream-orange red-gold shimmerMoss Green : Earthy Green in Green Shimmer.Tanzanite : Cyan Blue in Violet-Pearl.
Dutch Iris : Pale Iris Blue with a tinge of Lilac & Blue-Oyster finish.Mulberry : Antique Red-Violet in Lilac Pearl.Teal Zircon: Bright blue-green in blue-green shimmer
Egyptian Gold : Rich Antique-Gold with Gold Shimmer.Mustard Green : Yellow-Olive in Green-Gold Shimmer.Terracotta Rose : Red-Violet Brown in Red-Pearl.
Emerald : Glittery Emerald-Green in Green Pearl with Green Crystals.Mystic Blue : Deep Blue-Green in Blue Pearl with Glints of Lilac.True Blue: Medium blue in blue-violet pearl
English Lavender: Medium violet with a tinge of red in gold-red shimmerMystique : Glittery Blue-Green in Blue-Violet Pearl & Turquoise-Lilac Crystals.Twilight : Glittery deep Blue in Blue-Violet Pearl with Violet-Turquoise Crystal.
Evening Primrose : Cool Blue-Violet in Blue-Violet Shimmer.Natural Linen : Warm Peach skin tone in Oyster-Pearl.Vanilla Bean : Creamy off White Pearl in semi-opaque White gouache for all over washes.
Fairy Plum : Delicate Lilac Pearl in semi-opaque White gouache for all over washes.Navajo Pearl : Delicate Teal Pearl in semi-opaque White gouache for all over washes.Vavoom Red : Cool Ruby Red with a hint of Violet & Red-Lilac Shimmer.
Fern : Relaxing medium Green with Green Shimmer.Northern Lights : Pale Teal-Blue in Lilac-Pearl Shimmer.Vintage Mint : Sea-Foam Green-Teal in a Shimmering Green Sparkle.
Fire & Ice : Creamy Interference Red in semi-opaque White gouache for all over washes.Nutmeg : Spicy Brown-Red in Merlot-Copper Shimmer with Gold Glints.Warm Gray : semi opaque Warm Gray tone in a warm Oyster Pearl base.
Forest Green : Dark Evergreen with Green Pearl Shimmer.Nutty Oak : Golden Oak Brown in Red-Pearl Shimmer.Warm Pecan : Warm Brown in Antique Gold with Red Glints.
French Lilac : Delicate cool Lavender with a Blue-Violet Shimmer.Ocean Wave : Medium Cyan Blue in Blue Shimmer.Watermelon Mist : Fresh cut Watermelon Pink in Red-Lilac Pearl.
French Vanilla: Creamy yellow pearl in semi-opaque white gouache for all over washesOlive Vine : Earthy Green-Brown with Gold-Red Shimmer and Bronze Glints.Wild Blueberry : Pale Blueberry-Blue in Blue Pearl Shimmer.
Fresh Oregano : Medium woodsy-Green with Oyster-Green finish.Orange Peel : Bright Orange in Gold-Red Shimmer.Wild Plum : Deep Violet with a tinge of Red in Lilac-Red Pearl.
Fuzzy Peach : Medium Peach-Coral with Red-Violet Shimmer.Oyster : Translucent Pearl all-purpose mixer in colors to lighten without adding White.Wild Vine: Antique green-yellow with green shimmer and glints of red
Garnet : Red-Merlot with Mauve-Red Shimmer.Pale Porcelain : Cool pale bisque-skin tone in Oyster-Pearl.Wine & Roses: Deep red-lilac wine in violet-red pearl
Ginger Flower : Bright Red-Violet with Lilac Shimmer.Passion : Red-Lilac in Blue-Violet Shimmer.Wintermint : Whisper of Mint Green in Pearl Green Shimmer.
Ginger Peach : Burnt Yellow-Orange with Gold-Copper Shimmer.Passion Fruit : Warm Violet in Lilac Shimmer.Wintermist Gray : Delicate Gray in semi-opaque White gouache for all over washes.
Go Navy : Smoky Blue with Blue-Oyster finish.Pear Blossom: Delicate celery green pearl in semi-opaque white gouache for all over washesWisteria : Light Lavender in Green-Pearl.
Gold Dust : Deep Yellow with Glints of Antique Gold.Peppermint Taffy: Delicate pink-violet pearl in semi-opaque white gouache for all over washesYellow Rose : Medium Canary Yellow in Red-Gold Shimmer.

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