Vivid Arte-Fluid, 8oz. Bottle Acrylic Bonding Extender


100 %  Acrylic Emulsion NO thickeners

1 8oz bottle / 240 mls

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Vivid ArteFluid -Acrylic Extender is a clear, non-yellowing high Polymer Acrylic designed to increase the flow of acrylic paint bases. Arte-Fluid was designed to mix with Vivid enamel and Vivid PolyPour as a partial or whole replacement for water when mixing paints. Arte Fluid can be used to prime /seal surfaces prior to painting.

Create liquid watercolor or mix custom spray: Mix 1 tsp. Arte Fluid 1/8 tsp Primary Elements Arte Pigments 1 ½ oz water. Surfaces must be dry, clean, firm and free from dust, dirt, oil, wax, loose paint, or contaminants that would hinder bond.

Vivid ArteFluid can be used by adding in small increments to Vivid PolyPour mixes OR Vivid Clear Enamel colors, as a complete replacement for water depending on adhesion requirement. Do not apply at temperatures below 50° F. Wash tools with water before materials harden.


Pre-Moisten Bling IT and Primary Elements with Vivid Arte Fluid prior to adding Vivid Enamel

Step 1: scoop a 1/4 tsp of color. Pre-moisten by adding a few drops of Arte Fluid Mixing Medium

Step 2: slowly add Acrylic Enamel 1/3 portion at a time, mixing in between, until smooth heavy body consistency is achieved

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