Pre-Order Special $19.99- Product ships week of 3/27/19 

Vivid POLY POUR Acrylic Polymer Blend for Paint Pouring- 32 oz.

POLY POUR Acrylic blend mixes with Primary Element in seconds and you’re ready to pour.

The Key to Acrylic Fluid art  AKA paint pouring is the quality and consistency of your paint mix. No more guessing about ratios or which pouring medium or additives to use. Vivid Poly Pour our Clear acrylic Polymer base is blended to the perfect consistency for paint pouring> Poly-Pour is designed to be mixed with Primary Element Arte Pigments iridescent dry paint system, metallic micas ( gold-copper bronze,)

Poly-Pour is not a Pouring medium and is NOT intended to be used as additive liquid acrylic paint.