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Vivid Ultra Metallic Set, 32 Colors, 4 oz (China Black and Siam White NOT Included) LIST $495.68 SAVE 25%

$495.68 $371.76

Set of Vivid Ultra Metallics! 32 Colors! 4oz Bottles.

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Product Description

Set includes:
Solar Gold – Bright Royal Gold, Perfect for Accents.
Spiced Pumpkin – Antique Red-Orange with Golden Glints.
Bolivian Blue – Antique Teal Blue with Green-Blue Pearl.
Sunflower – Warm Golden-Yellow with Antique Gold Glints.
Jasmine – Hot Pink in Violet-Red Shimmer.
Teal Zircon – Bright Blue-Green in Turquoise Pearl.
Playful Peony – Peachy-Pink-Coral in Lilac Shimmer.
Olive Vine – Earthy Green-Brown with Gold-Red & Bronze Glints.
Autumn Leaf – Sun kissed Autumn Brown in Red, Gold & Copper.
Majestic Blue – Vibrant Cobalt Blue in Violet-Blue Shimmer.
Douglas Fir – Bright Tree Green in Green Shimmer with Glints of Blue.
Red Poinsettia – Bright Fire Engine Red.
French Lilac – Lavender with a Violet-Blue Shimmer.
Sunburst – Brilliant High Yellow with Golden Glints.
Passion – Red-Lilac with a Blue–Violet Shimmer.
Kiwi – Bright Green with a Tinge of Yellow in a Green Pearl.
Pink Azalea – Bright Pink Pearl in Violet-Red Shimmer
Lemongrass – Bright Yellow with just a tinge of Green in brilliant Green Pearl.
African Jade – Delicate Green-Blue with Green Shimmer.
Snap Dragon – Regal Violet in a Lilac Pearl.
Ginger Peach – Burnt Yellow-Orange with Golden-Copper Shimmer.
Blue Bayou – Deep Water Blue in a Brilliant Blue Pearl
Orange Peel: Bright orange in gold-red shimmer
Wine and Roses: Deep red-lilac wine in violet-red pearl
Periwinkle: Pale blue-violet with blue-violet shimmer
Ocean Wave: Medium cyan blue in blue shimmer
Blue Pearl AKA Interference Blue: Sheer pearl blue mix in colors to lighten or use alone as accent
Violet Pearl- Interference Violet: Sheer violet pearl mix in colors to lighten or use alone as accent
True Metal – True Silver – Rich Metallic Silver made of Real Metal components.
True-Metal – Dragon Gold – Warm Antique Gold – produced with Ground Metal.
True Metal – Autumn Flame – Warm Antique Copper – produced with Ground Metal.

Additional Information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions5.25 x 10.25 x 6 in


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Fluid Acrylic*High Gloss* Medium Tinting.
Vivid Ultra-Metallic Fluid Acrylics are produced with 100% Acrylic Polymer Dispersion.
Minimum drying temperature 49F/ 9 C.
Directions : Shake or stir prior to use. For Slower drying time, use Acrylic Glazing Medium or Retarder.
To modify consistency, use Acrylic Mediums or water.
For best adhesion apply to clean, non-oily surfaces.
Clean-up with Soap & Water.
Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time.
Certain colors may require a second coat for complete coverage.